Linda Baird, MA, LPC
Certified Hakomi Therapist
Certified EMDR Therapist
Certified Yoga Instructor

(303) 507-6310
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BodyMind Integration, LLC
750 E. 9th Ave. #201
Capitol Hill Healing Center
Denver, CO 80203

Additional offices in Boulder
and Frisco, CO

• Happiness is our birthright •
• Pain and loss are inevitable •
• Suffering is optional •

Above all, I’d like you to know that my first priority is to help you get out of emotional pain, as well as its common expression as physical pain.

Emotions are our natural, instinctual, innate guidance system that tells us when we are safe, when we are in danger, when we need to fight or flee, when we have suffered a loss, and also when to connect with others. Emotions tell us what we need.

When we quiet our mind and deeply listen, emotions connect us to our intuition and aliveness.

But sometimes our emotions, and emotional memories of life experiences, get stuck in both our minds and our bodies, and we are not able to move through or fully process them.

We can heal and reconnect to ourselves, to others, to our aliveness and to the world around us through breath, movement, and mindful awareness.

You don’t have to keep suffering.

Through this powerful work, you can crack the dark skies that have been pressing down on you and once again reveal the light of your authentic Self.